Ast1040 Planetarium Information

Going to one of these sessions is a required part of class: there will be a signup sheet at the planetarium to let me know you have done so. If absolutely none of these times work for you, then you're missing out on something that will really help you understand the first few chapters, a makeup assignment is available. You could go to a standard public planetarium show later in the semester (see the planetarium website for a schedule), but would have to write a report about it: explain what was going on in the show and how that relates to what's in class. Contact me if this is the only way you can make it work.

Where is the planetarium? Continue down the hall past where our class is, and you'll enter Marshall W. Alworth Hall (which is where my office is). Go down one floor, and keep walking in the “away from the library” direction. You'll quickly end up in the planetarium lobby, complete with astronomy posters and a large telescope poking up through the ceiling. The planetarium entrance is to the right.