Physics 1011 Assignments and Reading

The assignments due are available online at the PhysicsPlace website. Generally, there are tutorials to help you understand the reading assignments for the day, and very simple questions to answer about the day's reading. Also, once per week there will be a quiz with more complicated questions about the previous week's stuff.

If you do all the assignments, the tests will be easy, because you learned the stuff as you went along rather than trying to cram it all in right before the test. There are researchers who spend their careers trying to figure out what way to do things helps students learn the most, and this “Just in Time” learning is really supposed to help.



Oct 05

Read Ch.1.1

Oct 07

Read Ch.1.2-8

Oct 12

Online assignments for Ch.1 due (all but the Quantitative section)

Read Ch.5.5-6, Ch7.4

Online assignments from Ch.5, 7 due:

5: T/F (#7,8), Review Questions (#8,9,13)

7: T/F (#3,5,6), Review Questions (#3,4,5,10,13)

Presentation topic choice due

Oct 14

Read some background stuff from Tuesday's class:

Ch.2.1-6, Ch.5.1-2, Ch.6.1-6

New reading: Ch.9.1-6

Online assignments from Ch.9 due: T/F (#1-4, 9-11), Review Questions (#1,8,9,12,13,17,18,20)

Oct 19

Read 9.9, 8.2,

Online assignment from Ch.8: T/F (#2,3,6), Review Questions (#2,3,11,12), Problem Solving #3

Oct 21

No new reading, catching up and reviewing.

Oct 26

Test #1

Oct 28


saving the homework problems to do all at once next week due to the lame way the website operates.

Nov 02


Online assignment for Ch.10 due: all T/F, Review Questions

Nov 04

No new reading, talking about Special Relativity some more

Nov 09


Nov 11


Ch.11's online stuff: all T/F, Review, and Problem Solving

Nov 16

Chris' Time presentation

Maggie's Cosmology/Parallel Universes

Nov 18


Nov 23


Ch.12's online stuff: all T/F and Review questions


Nov 25


Ch.13's online stuff: all T/F and Review questions

Nov 30

Test #2

Dec 02


Ch.14's online stuff: all T/F and Review questions

Dec 07

Meghan's Waste Management

Ryan's Alternative Energies


Ch.15's online stuff: all T/F and Review questions

Dec 09

Jered's Beam Physics


Ch.17's online stuff: all T/F and Review questions

Dec 14

Justin's SAE car project

Particle Physics at UMD, neutrinos etc.

Dec 16