Physics 5090 Assignments and Reading



Fri, Jan 20


Latex information

Fri, Jan 27

Ferndanda's presentation on Beamer

Alec's chalk talk on neutrino timing

Latex Homework due

Fri, Feb 3

Justin's chalk talk on X-ray production in O/B stars

Blair's chalk talk on QFT operators

Fri, Feb 10

Xiao's chalk talk on nuclear plant systems

Ray's chalk talk on running

Fri, Feb 17

Pam Enrici, the physics librarian, on tips for getting the most out of our library resources

Fri, Feb 24

San Ha's talk on time reversibility in quantum mechanics

Luke's talk on water levels in Lake Superior

Dogukan's talk on EPR paradox and Bell's theorem

Fri, Mar 2

Arthur's talk on long wave atmospheric radiation

Grant's talk on well hydrology

Carl's talk on particle ID via dE/dx

Fri, Mar 9

Travis's talk on muon telescopes

Hari's talk on electomagnetic waves

Ferdous's talk on STM

Fri, Mar 16

No Class, Spring Break

Fri, Mar 23

Fernanda's talk on SEM

Ethics case study and discussion

Fri, Mar 30

Ethics discussions: see email for reading assignments

Fri, Apr 6

Justin: “Space Weather Forecasting”

Ray: “Genetically Modified Crops”

Fri, Apr 13

Blair: “Light Cone Coupled Cluster Method with Phi Four Field Theory: The Prelude”

Carl: “Billiard Ball Approximation in MINERvA Detector”

Fri, Apr 20

Ferdous: “Current advancements in Topological


Travis: “Finding Ramsey Numbers”

Fri, Apr 27

Luke: “Inertial Oscillations”

Fri, May 4

San Ha


Wed, May 9

Final exam period, 10-noon. Talks:

Xiao: “Studies on the Behavior of Steam in the Containment with CFD Software”

Hari “Fourier Series”